1. Work (free poem)

Work it is like a thunder storm its annoying loud and you just don’t want to be near it anymore but when you finish you are just so glad it is over that you just feel reborn


2. (Limericks)

There once was a man from a hat

He just wanted a pat on the back

His life is not fun

His food is basically at nun

And he still wants a pat on the back


3.  (couplets)

The day was so long

it felt like I was being dragged along



book report: the hobbit

My book that I am doing for this book report is called the hobbit this book is written by J.R.R Tolken it is a very famous children’s book that is now a major motion picture but  anyways this book is amazing with lots of life or death moments surprises and very very suspenseful moments and also I am huge fantasy fan which is the reason why i read this book.
This book takes place in a place called middle earth where there’s kings queens elves goblins dwarves and many more mythical creatures and fantasy.

The beginning is kind of slow it follows a hobbit named bilbo he is a ordinary hobbit who is always nice funny but almost never up to do anything dangerous but he is not going to be the same after the events of this book when a tall man named gandalf comes passing by his house one day he invites bilbo to go on an adventure with a large group of people.
Bilbo declines the offer for hobbits are usually boring except for the odd hobbit gandalf later invites the group that he is going on a adventure with to a meeting at bilbo’s hobbit hole (which he did not tell bilbo) so suddenly bilbo has a group of dwarves at his front door.
They eventually convince bilbo to go with them and to become their burglar for some odd reason.
The first real danger that they encounter is when they get captured by trolls and nearly cooked and it basically goes all downhill from there being captured by goblins later from there they lose their horses and bilbo gets trapped into another gave with a creature named gollum who was driven insane because of his powerful ring with the power of invisibility when you put it on. And to survive bilbo must outsmart gollum in a game a riddle Where one must make a better riddle than the other.
Eventually bilbo stole gollum’s ring and escaped with his life barley though bilbo later meets up with his group (who has escaped as well) and he avoids to tell them about the ring in fact he goes great lengths to avoid it.
Anyways one of the more exciting parts of this book is when they are passing through a dark forest where you can’t even see your own feet but later on when it starts to get lit with torches it starts to get brighter and what they see i can imagine it is very terrifying.
What they find is  giant spiders and most of the group gets captured but bilbo was very lucky and he was quick enough when it started to tie him up he got out his sword and get out of the trap and scared it off and from there is was up to bilbo to save the rest of the group.
He eventually finds his group sets them free and with their help they kill all of the spiders and escape with their lives but only worse things happen from there they get taken by elves to a prison but bilbo puts on the ring and escapes.
He later finds where they were taken and he sneaks in using the ring and then he steals the key gets them all out and they continue onto their adventure to the city under the mountain.
On their way to the city under the mountans they come to a town called lake town and they get help from some of the villagers there before they get to the city.
They later on get to the city and they find where they need to go they opened the door with a key that thorin had( for he was once the king of the city until goblins invaded it).
They open the door to find smaug a very large dragon bilbo takes a quick look inside through a hole that the dwarves made and when he gets inside he sees smaug sleeping he takes a cup and he leaves.
Smaug laters leaves the building he he kills two of the dwarves as well as all of their ponies the group all go to sleep later on.
Early that morning bilbo woke up he saw that the door to the building was mostly closed so we went inside when he got inside it seemed as though smaug was asleep but he was not entirely for when dragons are asleep they keep their eyes half open.
Even with the ring on the dragon could still sense bilbo smaug wakes up and him and bilbo start having a conversation bilbo luckily for them did not let out too much information but after a little while of talking smaug said don’t have to do with dwarves more than you can and bilbo also tells smaug that they got help from a town called lake town and bilbo also steals a cup from smaug.
This makes an already angry smaug even more angry makeing lake town his victim for attack and and once he gets there he is later challenged my board a aggressive citizen of the city and who is also a fantastic archer and he does what was thought impossible he kills smaug.
Thorin refers to this stone called the arkenstone which was a beloved treasure of the city that he used to be king of bilbo had stumbled upon this stone and he did not tell thorin .
Bilbo decides that he will leave the mountain and offer the Arkenstone to Bard  then, Bard can offer the Arkenstone to Thorin in exchange for a fair portion of the treasure and once a large battle over the tresure happens it includes… men, elves and dwarves. They are ready to attack one another until Gandalf announces the approach of the Goblins, bats, wolves and Wargs.
They of course win the war a take a good portion of the treasure but unfortunately bilbo left before they where finished so all that he got out of the adventure was his ring and he also had the respect and honor of many races and species.

Nik D

Survey of my blog

  • How many posts did you write?: 14
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?:
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?: school: 3 challenge: 8 personal: 3
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?:
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?:i enjoyed writing the review post the moat because i love giving my opinion about things
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?:i did because i did not like the default one
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?: i have i think about 5 widgets i think that’s not enough because i want most of my blog to be cool widets
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challange 9 pic story

I am today writing a story about this picture so here is is

i was driving in my car one day at a very fast speed when suddenly i saw a rainbow i always wanted to drive to the end of a rainbow so i did in hopes that i would fine a pot of gold so i drove and i drove for wheat seemed like days but finally got to the end i was dissapointed to find nothing there so i got back in my car and as i was driving to the opposite side of the rainbow disapointed i found it, i found the pot of gold

Game Review: Assassins Creed 3

my first game review on this blog is going to be for assassins creed 3 one of my faverioute games so far of this year and this year has had some amazing games. The first thing that i am going to talk about is the story and the story is amazing this time around the story revolves around the main character connor  the first native character who is out for revenge after  a man named Charles lee and the British army burn down his village and slaughter his mother. he was left alive for he was not in his village that day and that’a what the story is about he is trying to take down the British empire and Charles lee .    the story is incredibly interesting when you get into it unforgettably you have to play through the game for a few hours until you actually get into interesting story. but enough about the story the graphics that we find in this game are good they arent outstanding but they are still great. now i have to talk about my sadly least faverioute part of the game the technical glitches and there is a number of them this time like floating weapons certain things that dont work like they are supposed to i ran into a lot of these but i might have just bein unlucky. now to talk about the best part of they game the free running to get to other destinations when you are doing this you will do a bunch of park-our by running on top of buildings and my favorite edition to this game being able to climb trees this is the first time that this has ever happened in a assasins creed game and it was sadly never put in before because it is great.     now i just have one more thing to talk about the combat system and the stelth portions of the game the stealth has bein improved over the last games it is now harder i used to never die in combat but this time it has changed now you cant just hold a button and block how you have to wait and get ready for people to attack and there is people who counter your counters that makes this game more addicting to try to win that one fight. and lastly the stealth system is good i have mostly chose to just run out instead of hideing because i am really bad at stealth but anyways if you are a stealth fan the stealth portions on this game are for you. one more thing that i am going to talk about and that is multiplayer if you play the campaign you know what u r getting you find people and you kill them but the twist is that people can kill you too this keeps you one your toes not knowing whats going to happen next. But anyways here is my final point assassins creed 3 is a amazing game that everyone should get  i only talked about some of the great thing i haven’t even talked about the amazing mutiplayer or all of the side missions yet but anyways it is hard for me to say this but assassins creed 3 is my faverioute assassins creed game of all time i would rate it 9.5 put of 10

Challange 7- science disscusions

today i am writing this post for callange 7 and this time i am going to be writing about a scientific descusion/ topic that i am passionate about so for this i am doing the mars landing. It all started with nasa sunding its $2.5 billion dollar projet mostly known as the mars rover at 1:31 a.m. on a monday and this project was the largest ting that was ever sent to another plant . the rover was sent to study the atmosphere of the planet and find stuff like soil rocks and to see if there was any life on mars. the landing wasnt without a lot of sweat, clenched teeth and screams.

for more information on the mars rover landing click here

my comment on the mars rover is that it is a great achievements for man kind no matter how much money it took to make i think that this will go down in history as one of the biggest achievements ever made but that’s just my opinion as always i want to hear yours to please comment what you opinion of the mars rover is